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Class Info. 


Concealed Carry Classes:

Thirty years ago, it was common for a parent to send their child to the park to play with friends, the store to shop for groceries, or simply walk to school, but unfortunately times have changed. The world known to our parents and grandparents is radically different than the world we face today. It seems like not a day passes without word of a shooting, kidnapping, or other violent attack, so just as our environment has changed, so must we. We must adapt so that we can protect our families, our loved ones, and ourselves. This adaption can come in many forms; however, few if any have ben tested to the extent of repelling an attack like the handgun. Now, over time, the handgun has evolved and taken many different shapes and forms. Some of those forms include revolvers, derringers, and today’s modern, concealable handgun. Atchafalaya Arms provides a meaningful and practical training environment for those seeking to add another layer of defense to their home and personal security. This defense is a class in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Louisiana State Police Concealed Carry Unit and is taught by an NRA Certified Instructor. Allow us the opportunity to provide you the necessary and critical training so that should you ever come across the unfortunate circumstance where a handgun must become the weapon of your defense, you stand both trained and ready. 


Class Includes:

  • 7 hours of classroom instruction detailing use of force and Louisiana law  

  • 2 hours of range time

  • Credentials needed to apply for a concealed handgun permit

  • Peace of Mind


Cost: $100.00

One on One Classes:

We are committed to working with shooters of all levels of experience. When first developing skills, initial, professional training can make a world of difference. The One on One classes are designed for those persons first getting into firearms for sporting and personal defense. These classes will develop a novice shooter into a proficient, well trained, marksmen. Classes are booked in advance and charged by the hour. We require a minimum booking of two hours. These classes can be custom tailored for families and small groups. Please contact us for pricing. 

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